Friday, June 4, 2010

Best from the Web

It's the information age and parents need all the assistance they can get. Here are a few links from across the Web that might be of help:

How to motivate an inert child: In the age of the *ahem* Internet and *cough, cough* Facebook, kids need to get used to going out and playing. This article gives some practical ideas.

A really inspiring article about a non-Muslim woman discovering the blessings of covering up through her 9 year-old, hijab-wearing daughter.

It's common knowledge that positive fatherly relationship has a great psychological impact on developing girls, but did you know that young girls are biologically affected by their relationships with their dads? Neither did I. Check it out

You watch out for high fructose corn syrup, fats, and artificial flavors when you go shopping, right? But do you watch out for pesticides? The long term effects could be very serious. And it's by CNN, so it must be true.

Enjoy. Go Team Muslim Families!

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